Our third Yellow Frame photo…….


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Source: http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/contest-2015/gallery/week-4-all/11

This is travelberdua third photo with the yellow frame happy to be choosen as Editors Favourite for the Contest.

Lets travel and shoot beautiful pictures. Let your photos ignite your travel spirit. Looking at this photo really makes us want to travel again.


Photography Tips for Pacu Jawi …….Cow Race of West Sumatra

  1. Bring your longest zoom lens,  a minimum of 200mm. The race will start with a group of people keeping the cow still enabling the rider to mount on a tiny bamboo stick attached to the cow. It is not an easy task and staying on the pair  of cows is what the race is all about. It is not about racing another set of racer but its about staying on it.A89A8270
  2. Set your DSLR/camera to continuous shooting mode.
  3. Set your DSLR/camera to AISERVO for Canon… not sure about other brands but it is continuous auto tracking focusing system. Activate all your focusing points.A89A7544
  4. Used a monopod for stabilising the gear and also easy on your muscles.IMG_6723
  5. Looked for escape route, you will need it went the cows are coming at you. Run!!!! went you are on its course.
  6. The best point of view is always frontal but you should try other angles. Side angle works best with panning.A01O1630
  7. Lastly, don’t forget to format or empty your cards before the event. You will need the space.

Thank You.

Been to India for 22 days …….. Day 11

We are backed in New Delhi and we decided to visit Old Delhi again. One of the reason is i think you know by now, we are in love with this restaurant called Karim. We decided to take the ‘auto” or tuk2 to Old Delhi from our hotel. Be careful, some auto drivers insist that they bring you shopping . Usually its a scam, with mark up prices and all. Insist that they take you to where you want to go.


When we reach Karim, i notice this post in front of the Restaurant…..


My friend in crime, the other travel partner helping himself to the flying nan.


After lunch we when to Jama Mosque , the biggest mosque in Delhi. Its unique compared to the mosque back home in Malaysia. The praying hall is roofless except for the front portion. It looks more like a big courtyard.





We stayed at the mosque watching the kids and people going about their daily routine. Interesting to notice how peaceful it was inside the mosque compared to outside.

End of day 11………

Living the dream in Keukenhof Garden

We have always wanted to visit Keukenhof Garden. We have visited Amsterdam a few times but always when the garden is closed. It is only open for 2 months in Spring. Imagine a garden open to public for 2 months in the year, the rest of months are dedicated to planning and preparing.


Dreaming of the Garden. Getting there is easy with dedicated bus from Schipol Airport.


Its picture perfect with leading tulip lines, walk way and shady trees all you need to do is absorbed the moment.


When we were there, they are still some tulips not blossoming, maybe we were to early. Hence another two weeks would be ideal. We would recommend to come a month after the park is opened .


Well, the main activity in the park, we would say is simply walking and enjoying the flowers.


We would recommend to photographers to wait for late afternoon light. Beautiful shadow and light play across the garden. In the morning the garden is full with people, come late afternoon about 2 hours to closing time which is at 7.30pm the garden is deserted. You will enjoy your shooting during that time.




We got the feeling that we will be visiting it again next year,who knows you might  see Travelberdua there.

Been to India for 22 ….. Day 9/10

Day 9/10 is our travelling day from Varanasi to New Delhi. We left Varanasi at 4 am, its a 14 hours journey…..

On the way we could see people setting up fires to warm themselves. We could not say that they are homeless,  maybe people getting out of their houses and warming up.


Once in a while we just need a “refreshing spot”……ha ha ha



IMG_0364 IMG_0376

Our vegetarian lunch we were surprised at how delicious it was.

We just….zzzzzzzzzzz for the rest of our journey.

End of day 9/10……

Been to India for 22 days…….. Day 8

Day 8 and we are still in Varanasi, what was supposed to be a few days became a week. Today is our last day we would be leaving Varanasi early morning tomorrow. We had our last day planned as such we would be photographing from morning till night.

The Morning in Varanasi is always on the ghat facing the river. Sunrise over the river is always beautiful.


Walking by the ghat you will discover many characters which you could only find in India.



Later in the evening we went to a lassi shop which was recommended by Lonely Planet. Blue lassi is the name of the shop and it was delicious. IMG_0297-2

We were surprised at the size of the shop but we came for its lassi and really we must say that it was the best until……..



Our final day in Varanasi we walked in the alleys of the city thinking when we would be visiting Varanasi again……


Been to India for 22 Days….. Day 7


Day 7….. you must be wondering why this photo is posted which doesn’t look like its in India. Yes, this is a scene from my home country Malaysia. Its actually what we called  Nasi Kandar a local type of curry dish eaten with white rice. We  Malaysian love this dish and on day 7 is when the craving for this dish sets in for us. Malaysian loves their local food and it is the thing most malaysian traveller missed during their travels besides loved ones.  We are missing our foods.!!!

We are still in Varanasi and we are loving it. As you have guessed , we took the boat ride again but I’m not gonna write about it. Today is more on life on the ghat.


On day 7 we discovered Assi Ghat ,one of the biggest Ghat in Varanasi. Not as crowded as other ghats and also we discovered a nice garden restaurant on top of the ghat overlooking the river. Surprisingly, it has the nicest Apple Pie we ever tasted.

Sadhus are holy men and they can be seen on the ghat . They are highly respected  by the people.



We asked permission to photograph this sadhu and he was very kind to oblige and he didn’t asked for rupee. He just asked for his photo to be used appropriately. We hope he would be happy with this one.

Night walk is another activity you should include when you visit Varanasi.



At the end of the day we enjoyed our time in Assi Ghat, might come back again tomorrow…..end of day 7

Been to India for 22 days…… Day 6

Day 6 of our trip is another amazing day in Varanasi. We could not resist the temptation of another boat ride. Yes !! if you been following our blog you noticed that for everyday we were in Varanasi we went for the boat ride.IMG_6717

Everyday is a different day and a different photo situation. It was cloudy and  it adds drama to the atmosphere and our photo.


Colourful boats ,ghats and morning light makes a beautiful scene. We noticed that morning in India  is filled with spiritual activities be it praying, feeding of animals, or going to the temple. Starting the day with a good deed is deeply rooted in their religion and daily routine.


Doing a monochrome is not easy in India, however some situation allows for one. It seems that the locals are also into the morning boat ride.


Enjoy the moment……………….end of Day 6

Been to India for 22 days….. Day 5

” Fortunate are the people who resides by the banks of Ganga”  written at one of the ghats in Varanasi.


Day 5 in Varanasi, we decided to  do the boat ride again, this time we started early to catch the morning softlight. The location of Varanasi is unique because it is one of the spot where the  river flow upwards and the water is relatively calm. The sunrise in Varanasi is amazing, the  colour of the  sun being reflected from the river gives a sense of vastness. Mist disperses the light which softens its.


Bathing in the river  looks quite cold and it is 15 Deg Celcius . I would definitely prefer a hot shower but Ganga being sacred to the hindus it is something they dream about doing. They come from all over India  to bath here.



In the evening we when to witness a ceremony called Puja Aarti which was held on the Ghat. Its an act of worship performed  daily in the morning and evening on the banks of Ganga.


We decided at  the end of day 5 that we will do the boat ride again for tomorrow…….end of day 5

Been to India for 22 days ….. Day 4

We arrived in Varanasi early morning of day 4. It was calm and quite  but when we ventured out  after dawn we were surprised. Its Delhi multiply by 10 . 10 times more chaotic than what we experienced before. However, as photographers we love it. 10 times more photo opportunities.


There are trishaws, bicycles, motorcycles, animals , car and auto (tuk2) on the narrow roads of Varanasi.


Many occasions i saw the traffic at a stand still and a lot of honking but at the end they sort out who has the right of way with  a little swearing at the end. Not that i understand but the tone sounds like it. Varanasi is on the banks of Ganges or Ganga and all roads leads to the bank.The river bank is a maze of small streets and ghats.


Motorised vehicle is prohibited on the roads nearer to the ghats. According to our driver there is only one Ghat , Assi Ghat where it is allowed and there is a car park.



The Ghat are made of steps and platforms facing the river Ganges and a lot of activities are held at the ghat. Bathing, prayers, offerings and getting blessed by Sadhus (hindu holy man) among it.

We decided to take a boat ride and view Varanasi from the river. Do determined the price prior to using the boat service, which is 300 rupees per boat. If you can only do one thing in Varanasi, than the boat ride is the thing you should do. Lucky for us migrating birds was in Varanasi at that time which adds to our photo moments.



This boy decided to swim to our boat and used it as his diving platform. Incredible India will surprise you, surely it did us. End of day 4……